Class Styles Offered

Below is a list of the classes offered at the studio, have any questions or want to sign up!?

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Ballet / Pointe

From beginner to advanced levels for ages 5 years and up. Elements from both French and Russian techniques are taught. Dancers learn grace, poise and agility as they dance to classical music.


A stylized form of dance combining flowing movements, rhythm, strength, coordination, and emotion for students 8 years old to adult. All classes focus on both the classic and current styles of jazz, while keeping an emphasis on technique, center, and placement. Ballet is recommended.


Ages 5  years to adult. Our tap classes teach students rhythmic and patterend successions of steps wearing special shoes with metal plates (taps) on them. When tapping against a hard surface a percussive sound is created, and as such, the dancers are considered musicians.


An enjoyable and challenging dance class with hip moves and fun foot work done to top 40 music. This class will enhance strength and coordination. Hip-Hop is very upbeat using different body parts in an up and down motion. Appropriate for both boys and girls!!! 


Similar to the floor skills of gymnastics, it is a high energy performing art that focuses on strength, stretch, balance and partnering work (stunting). Basic tumbling includes backbends, cartwheels, handstands/headstands, rolls, walkovers, handsprings, aerial tricks and more. Ages 4 and up; beginner thru advanced. Class incorporates Jazz and HipHop technique and styles

Musical Theatre

For the dancer who wants to act or the actor who wants to dance. This class is definitely designed for the "performer." Acting  and Singing and Dancing, Oh My! This class incorporates performing skits, singing, and Broadway style jazz!


This expressionistic class includes a combination of ballet and jazz dancing. With the leaps and turns of jazz combined with the fluency of ballet. This class teaches you balance, strength, posture and the ability to release inner energy. This class is for students who are currently enrolled in ballet.


Contemporary dance encourages natural, spontaneous movement and personal interpretation. It focuses on self-expression, awareness of space and body movement, use of body weight, efficiency of muscle use and safe body alignment.  Class promotes improv and making the movements your own while still following the style of our teacher


A style of theatrical dance that rejects the limitations of classical ballet and favors movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling. This class utilizes techniques from Martha Graham, Lester Horton, and Alvin Ailey 

Creative Movement

A program for 3 and 4 year olds to develop motor skills, rhythm, and a sense of working with others. In this class students will learn songs and dances that help advance their motor skills. 

Pre-Ballet & Pre-Tap

Offered to children with on year of creative movement and for 5-7 year olds; to develop basic awareness of dance. This is a great intro to dance, students begin to learn ballet technique and learn to tap and use their whole shoe to make different sounds.

Tuition and Payment


Tuition is based on 32 weeks, with three snow days. Full payments are due August through May or September through June 1st . All classes range from forty-five minutes to one hour. The prices below apply to all classes.

Registration fee $30 per child or $35 per family.

1 class per week - $50 per month

2 classes per week - $95 per month

3 classes per week - $130 per month

4 classes per week - $170 per month

5 classes per week - $210 per month

6 classes per week - $250 per month

For each additional class thereafter, add $35 per month


Payments are due the first week of every month. Payments received after the 7th are late and subject to a $10 late fee. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee. Payments can also be sent to:

44 Peabody Road

Shirley, MA 01464

There are no refunds for missed classes or registration fees, with the exception of long term illness or physical injury provided the school has been advised.

Make up lessons may be taken in a similar class if possible. Private and semi-private lessons are offer. Please consult your instructor for additional information.